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Emergency Blankets for Survival 

Set of 4 :   83″x63″ Mylar Blankets w/ 16 Repair Patches 

Compact Emergency Thermal Blanket 

Space Blanket for Survival Gear – Hiking & More 

  • The foil blanket is designed to retain up to 90% of your body heat, making it the perfect tool for cold weather survival situations. Our solar blanket will help keep you warm and protected even in extreme conditions.
  • The 4-pack emergency blankets come with 4 heavy-duty self-adhesive repair patches conveniently included with each blanket. 16 total patches. These innovative emergency preparedness items ensure that you can quickly repair any minor damage before it spreads. Perfect for all survival conditions with easy to peel backing for cold fingers and ability to stick firmly to a wet or dry blanket.
  • These thermal blankets survival gear are hiking essentials for extreme weather conditions. Keep this versatile mylar blanket with you when traveling in case of an emergency. Add it to your doomsday prepping supplies and apocalypse gear!
  • Conveniently store our compact, lightweight emergency thermal blankets for survival with prepper gear and supplies. Easy to stow in a pocket, backpack, glove box, or survival kit, these camping necessities are the perfect addition to your camping or hiking accessories.
  • Add these highly reflective thin plastic emergency blankets for survival to your bug out bag survival kit for many uses including waterproof ground cover for emergency sleeping bag, rain and wind barrier, drinking water collection, rescue signal, and trail marker.



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