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Emergency Survival Kit And Backpack

Sustain Supply Emergency Survival Kit and Backpack – Disaster Preparedness Go-Bag for Earthquake, Fire, Flood, Hurricane and Shelter-in-Place.

  • 72-HOUR SURVIVAL KITS. Firstly,  The first 72 hours after disaster are the most critical. Because is essential to have an emergency kit with all the supplies, gear, nutrition, and water needed for the comfortable survival of two people.
  • SUPERIOR QUALITY EMERGENCY BAG . Secondly, Survival backpacks include 2 Mainstay non perishable food bars. And, 1 Aqua Literz 33.8oz Emergency Water Pouch, 2 water filtration straws. Moreover, 4 Cyalume SnapLights, 2 blankets, 2 whistles, 1 LED lantern, 1 first aid kit, 1 pack of 8 bath wipes, and a 50 foot Paracord bundle.
  • EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS FOR ANY DISASTER. So, Sustain Supply. Because, Go Bag contains hurricane preparedness items, power outage supplies, earthquake emergency kit essentials. Moreover, it includes nuclear survival kit gear, and other doomsday prepping supplies for your home, car, office, or bomb shelter.
  • SURVIVAL BACKPACK WITH LIGHT SOURCE EQUIPMENT – Be ready for power outages with a bug out bag survival kit that includes an LED lantern and 4 SnapLights that do not require batteries to illuminate the night even during an apocalypse
  • ULTIMATE FIRST AID AND FOOD SURVIVAL KIT – Emergency backpack includes a variety of basic first aid supplies with a healthcare guide along with bags of basic rations for emergency meals, boxes of water, and Sustain Survival drinking straws for tactical hydration

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