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Lumbar Support Pillow For Chair & Car

Lumbar Support Pillow For Office Chair And Car Seat

Memory Foam, Versatile Use Lower Back Cushion

  • Mesh Cover
  • NEVER FLATTENS – give yourself superior lumbar support with our back support pillow. Designed to hold its shape even after multiple uses. And, it will never flatten down or thin out so you will always receive comfortable support. The support pillow helps to improve posture and provide comfort whilst you sit and eat, drive, work, watch TV, read.
  • JUST THE RIGHT SUPPORT – the high-grade memory foam is perfectly firm. So you won’t find it too soft or too hard. Designed to suit most adults who require a lumbar support pillow for office chair, car or other option. Featuring an ergonomic curve, it sits perfectly against your back once secured in place. And it will provide you hours of comfort when you’re working or driving.
  • IMPROVE YOUR SITTING POSTURE – if you sit for long hours or drive long distances then you need a more comfortable seating position: You can just attach our lumbar support pillow to your seat or chair. It is designed to offer support to your lower back thanks to the integrated memory foam which provides cushioning as you sit.
  • MULTIPURPOSE DESIGN – featuring an easy to use, adjustable strap you can use it in the workplace on your office chair. You can use it to relax at home or when you drive your car or on plane seats when flying. It is also great for adding to a wheelchair for more comfort and gamers love it for extra support. If you use it for car journeys it will always remain in place, regardless of the terrain.
  • BREATHABLE EASY TO CLEAN MESH – the 3D mesh outer layer encourages air circulation throughout the pillow, you can remove this cover and machine wash it to keep your lumbar support pillow looking and smelling fresh. Make discomfort when sitting a thing of the past with our lumbar support pillow which will keep you stable, secure and cushioned when working, driving and relaxing.


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